Friday, January 20, 2006

Try Reading This Post Out Loud


Lil GeeChee Girl is bress chillun. E is fuhr'ebbuh do'um sump'n' - dance, colluh, singeing. E is nuh one ef seddown an study - e b'leew in moobe.

Lil GeeChee Girl is berry shawpashunt. E head'um berry bex_vex whenever e cyan mus sump'n' e nebbuh done'um b'fo.

E is berry gal.


Lil GeeChee Girl is a blessed child. She is always doing something - dancing, coloring, singing. She is not one to sit and ponder - she believes in moving.

Lil GeeChee Girl is very impatient. She gets very angry when she cannot do something she never did before.

She is very feminine.

**Thanks PCD for such a great idea!

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