Friday, January 06, 2006

The Book of Daniel - A Review

Ok, I watched the entire show. I was not impressed. This show was promoted as a comedy/drama. Obviously, the comedy and drama people left and went on vacation, leaving very ill informed people to try and write.

The acting was very dry. It seemed to me that the actors were rather stiff. Maybe they were worried about the dialog. They should be.

I am not Episcopalian, but I find this incredibility offensive. We have a pill popping Episcopalian Priest, his drug dealing daughter, a gay son (who the family is busy trying to hide from others), an adopted son focused on sex, an alcoholic wife, a brother-in-law who embezzes $3 million, a father who is an uptight Bishop who does not pay attention to his family, and his mother who has Alzhiemiers. There are just way too many story lines going on here. You need a score card to keep up!

Yes, every family has problems, lots of them. I personally can attest to that. I have always said that my childhood and teenage years would make a fabulous mini-series. However, being the southern woman that I am, I know that a person takes care of his/her problems with the help of family and friends. Not by hiding things, not by going behind peoples backs. Unfortunately, this program promotes the soap opera style of fixing problems: Lie and Hide. Is this what an Episcopalian Priest would actually do?

I am highly offended by the portrayal of the Catholic Church (DISCLAIMER: I'm Catholic.). As far as I am concerned, having Daniel call the local Catholic Priest to find his embellezing brother-in-law (he stole $3 million), the priest has a heavy 'yankee' accent, and deals are made in an Italian Restaurant. At the end the Catholic Priest shows up and says, "Sure, here's the money, as long as you use this construction company. No construction company, then the money has not been found". What, the Church is the Mafia?!?!?!?!?!

Ok, I know I said that I would be objective and I am sorry. I found myself talking to the tv, which I rarely do. This show is not a comedy (how can it be with all these problems?). This show is not a drama, there are too many stories going on - maybe it is a multi-personality drama. It is just sad.

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