Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Monster Is Up For Parole - UPDATED!

The summer of 1973 was a summer of fear. Two young girls were at Folly Beach, SC, enjoying the sun, the sand, the surf. They were last seen on the beach enjoying life. I can remember my mother, who loves the beach, keeping me away from the beach, away from surfing, keeping me lose to home. Everyone was scared. The girls were found 3 weeks later, buried in the sand under a house. The only reason they were found was the screams of another victim, two other young girls that came very close to being hung from the rafters of a beach house. In the summer of 1973, there wasn't a death penalty in SC. Richard Valenti was sentenced to 2 life sentences for the murders of Shari Clark and Alexis Latimer, both 14 years old at the time of their death. After serving 10 years, Valenti was eligible for parole and has applied every two years since. Shari's mother, Janice Clark, has fought the hard fight to keep this worthless excuse for oxygen behind bars since the day she lost her daughter. Tomorrow, Jan 18, 2005, Valenti will appear before the parole board again. I am one of over 25,000 petition signatures requesting that this monster remain behind bars. Please say a prayer that this nightmare will not be released. And say a prayer for Janice Clark and what she lost.

UPDATE(Jan 18 at 12:45pm): Parole DENIED! WooHoo! On the bad side though, the families will have to go thru this again in 2 years. Life in prison should be just that! Unfortunately, when Valenti was sentenced, SC did not have a law stating that. Thank the Good Lord we do now.

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