Friday, January 20, 2006

I Promise I am getting Caught Up! Really!

Ok, PCD requested that I post about Lil GeeChee Girl in Gullah like a week ago. Due to getting behind and being depressed (see previous post), I am behind. I am almost finished with my summary of Lil Girls personality and am getting ready to translate it into Gullah, just as soon as I can talk the subject into getting into bed!

PS - Thanks for the kind words regarding my friend. She was truely wonderful and I will always miss her but she is with the Lord, with her husband and no longer in pain. She will always be in my heart.

PSS - PCD, I haven't gotten a hold of a copy of the 'Gullah Bible' yet. Next paycheck, I'll be at B & N to pick it up. There was an article in the paper here when it came out. The reviews from the people on the islands (true GeeChees) are very good.

Back Shortly!

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