Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This Is Beyond Sick!


Bailey is having a hard time. The wounds on his head are swelling. Because of this, he is looking at having surgery on his ears. The Vet announced that is will probably be 6 months to a year before Bailey is well. Keep the little guy in your thoughts and prayers.


According to the local news, a man went to a neighbors home here in Charleston at 10pm last night to ask the 13 year old daughter out on a date. The mother, being an intelligent, concerned mother, informed the man that her daughter did not date and asked him to leave her yard. At approximately 1am, the mother heard her basset hound barking in the back yard. She looked out of the bathroom window and saw the man leaning over the dog, next thing she new, her dog was SMOKING! The dog was on fire!!!!! The total and complete waste of oxygen had poured gas on 'Bailey' and set him on fire! Thank You God, the dog will live. He is at home, bandaged and on heavy drugs. Bailey is in for a long recovery but he will survive. I have just heard that the piece of sh** is in custody and charged with ill treatment of an animal.

This is just sick people. He has set a dog on fire. What would he do to that 13 year old girl that he wants to date? As the SPCA stated on the news, crimes like this are a major warning sign. What is this idiot planning next? What is sad is this basta** will probably make bail in a few hours, pay a fine, and move on to his next target.

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