Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Movie To Watch This Weekend

Bet you think I am going to go thru the listings at local theaters and give a review of my favorite movie. Wrong. From everything that I have been reading, the movie to see this weekend is "John Paul Times II" on CBS Sunday at 8pm EST. Even if you are not Catholic, this is a movie you should see.

"Pope John Paul II" makes palpable the panic gripping the Poles as the Nazis approach and then occupy their country. Wojtyla is sitting in a Krakow classroom in 1939 when soldiers burst in, rip a cross off the wall and drag away the teacher. His last words to his students as he is carried off: "Do not forget who you are!" This has tremendous resonance throughout the film, especially when, as pope, Wojtyla returns to his native land and lends support to the Solidarity movement and leader Lech Walesa."

John Paul was one of the most amazing men to walk the face of this planet. He was so incredibly gifted not only spiritually, but also with a great sense of humanity. He was serious, yet had a wonderful sense of humor. He believed in the good of the world, that good will triumph over evil.

Join me Sunday evening. Monday, let's have a discussion. Let us all do what Pope John Paul always did, reach out to others to hear their voice.

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