Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Gov. Carroll Campbell - May You Rest In Peace

This morning, one of South Carolina's great statesman left this world to join hands with God. Former Governor Carroll A. Campbell Jr. died today of a heart attack at the young age of 65. For the past four years, Gov. Campbell suffered from Alzhiemers. I am praying for the family that they find comfort in this difficult time. I know that the Governor is with God and is at peace and is in no pain.

Carroll Campbell was a State Representative, Senator and SC Governor from 1987 - 1995. He will always be known for government restructuring and economic development.

He rightly pointed out to us all that it was a waste of taxpayer dollars to have multiple agencies perform the same duties and aggessively worked to streamline agencies, committees into a more effective entitity. His success in this endeavor is seen today in all levels of the state and is a model that our current Governor is trying to continue.

The greatest economic development Gov. Campbell is known for is bringing BMW to South Carolina. The economic impact to the state was unprecedented. Hundreds of jobs were created with a ripple effect felt across the state.

God Bless you Carroll Campbell. You loved your family, your friends, and the people of South Carolina. You worked tirelessly and sacrificed much. We love you and we will miss you. Rest now and be at peace.

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