Thursday, November 17, 2005

Questioning My Position

Sometimes you see something that really makes you question your position on an issue. Today was one of those days. I have generally felt that the death penalty should be carefully used. Every situation is different and lord knows that some innocent people have been executed. With the technology we have today (dna, etc.), I think we should allow for some appeals because mistakes are sometimes made. Today, no mistakes were made. I was watching foxnews this afternoon when the jury came back in the Carlie Brucia murder trial. I am sure you remember this. She was the young girl whose abduction was caught on a carwash security camera in Sarasota, Fla. This 11 year old baby was raped and murdered by a monster going by the name Joseph Smith. Today, a the jury returned a guilty verdict for kidnapping, rape, and 1st degree murder. This is where I started rethinking my position of the death penalty. The SOB sat there and smirked the entire time the verdict was being read! I can't remember the last time I have been so angry that I felt the need to reach thru the TV and strangle someone! Carlie's mother said something that really struck a cord. "This should never have happened," Carlie's mother said. "He should never have been out of jail. I think he should be sentenced and taken care of that day." After what I saw today, I totally agree with her. Instead of having the family go thru the penalty phase, just set up the electric chair right in the courtroom, strap him in, pull the lever. To hell with all these appeals. Fry him right then - send his chard corpse to hell for all eternity.

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