Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Gov. Sanford - Time Magazines Worst Gov?

Ok, let's consider the source. Time magazine is not exactly a conservative, or even moderate magazine. At this point, I am questioning the criteria they used. The magazine says, "it consulted political analysts, academics and former govenors". This is obviously a survey based on opinion and not on fact. Yes, South Carolina has its share of problems - the WORST schools in the nation and unbelievable property taxes. Gov. Sanford wants lower taxes and more accountablity in spending. Continuing to throw money at problems with no accountablity just lines the pockets of people in charge of these programs. Sanford has spent his governship fighting this - he wants everyone to show where the money is going and if it is being spent in the most efficient manner. Do you, good people, get away with writing bad checks? What happens? You either pay the check and a fee or you run the risk of going to jail. What happens when the elected and appointed officials write bad checks? They want to raise taxes so they can cover the bad checks and continue to write more - never spending the money for what it was intended. Gov. Sanford has spent the past few years trying to put a stop to this - with very little help from the legislature. That is where the citizens of SC come in. Go Vote! If you are not registered, get registered! Every time the polls open, get there! Every vote counts! Just look at the City Council race - one canidate leads by 3 VOTES! Get out and vote!


Baklava said...

I thought Ahhhnold was the worst governor! Whew! Will these liberal critics make up their mind!

SCGeeCheeGirl said...

Baklava, how can a liberal make up their mind when they do not have one? It's really very simple, you're really awful if you try to save money and make sensible decisions