Sunday, February 26, 2006

As Usual, I Am Behind Schedule!

It's 12:16am Sunday morning and I am bleaching my kitchen floor. I have 7 people coming for dinner Sunday at 1:30pm. I have 2 chuck roasts marinating and everything else ready to go. Since Friday morning, I have dealt with angry customers at work, a sick Lil GeeChee Girl (she feels better now), a home computer that was suddenly attacked with 57 different virus's, a side job that took much longer than expected, the normal routine of taking care of a family and now doing massive spring cleaning (I have washed the baseboards!). I have lots to say, unfortunately, it will have to wait till Sunday night. See You Then!

PS - In the meantime, check out the pic of Lil GeeChee Girl (in the blue dress) at a "Cinderella Party". They got to dress up, have a fashion show, and enjoy 'high tea'. She is such a girl!

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