Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Fast Way To NOT Get My Vote!

Today is the Republican Primary Runoff in South Carolina. One race in particular is of importance to me – SC House Seat 119 – my district. The two candidates, Greg Hart and Susan Piper. Both are very straight talking conservatives. The choice was going to be pretty tough – I liked them both.


I retrieved my mail and started sorting thru it. A bill (yuk), a sale paper (good bathroom reading) , a post card from Greg Hart asking me go out and vote Tuesday, and a rolled up piece of paper secured so tightly around the middle with a rubber band that I had to cut it off. This piece of garbage in my mailbox was from Susan Piper telling me that everything Greg Hart has said is a lie. Does this mean that everything she has said is a lie? I mean, they have been saying the same things for weeks now. And why is she putting balled up pieces of paper in my mailbox?

Anyhow, Mr. Hart received my vote, my husbands and the votes of 4 of my neighbors. Never underestimate the power of a junky mailbox!

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